Tamilia Reed

Tamilia Reed is an African-American, queer, devotional polytheist, spirit-worker, mystic, rune reader, Witch, and traveler of the Otherworlds living in the Midwestern region of the United States.

She came to Paganism by way of Wicca in 1998. Her practice has transformed since then. Broadly speaking her spiritual work centers on spirit communication and trance, devotional work (with a number of deities and spirits across various pantheons), and astral travel as well as magic and spellcraft. In her spirit communications, deity devotions, and astral travels, she builds strong relationships with the denizens of the worlds, while also seeking an intimate understanding of the magical ties that join all beings.

Tamilia’s practice also includes inner work with a focus on psychotransformation. This important aspect of her spirituality led to her professional commitment to the social sciences in general and to the field of psychology in particular. In order to facilitate psychotransformation efficiently and effectively, Tamilia earned a doctorate in Counseling Psychology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She currently works in the mental health field helping to facilitate change, growth, and healing for her diverse clients.

Tamilia’s other writings at the complex and varied intersections of spirituality, psychology, multicultural identity, deepening social consciousness, and healing can be found online at her personal blog at Wandering Woman Wondering, in the Agora archives of her Wayfaring Woman column, and in her guest contributions to Daughters of Eve.

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