Stacy Psaros

Stacy Psaros has worked in digital marketing and media for over 20 years. By day, she’s the Digital Marketing Director for a major on-line web presence. There she is responsible for crafting and sending of email campaigns, social media engagement, SEO, and display marketing. She has served as Publications Officer for Everglades Moon Local Council, member of Covenant of the Goddess, for over 10 years, and volunteers her time as Social Media Maven for the Mystic South Conference.

Stacy was born in NY and migrated south to FL 20 years ago. She’s active in her local and state-wide Pagan community. She is a Strega, daughter of Neptune, chosen of Minvera, and a Faery Seership Apprentice. When she’s not linked into the Internet Matrix-style, she’s busy working towards her 3rd Degree Black Belt, working on crafty projects, reading, and playing handservant to her tribe of cats.

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