Sean McShee

Sean McShee is a highly alienated, over-educated, and under-employed. He has lived most of my life in San Francisco, but is currently living in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Sean has freelanced for South Florida Gay News, writing articles that concern HIV and health care issues. He maintains a movie review blog, Dreaming Noir.

Seans is also a history buff, and has been fascinated by archaeology ever since he was a kid, He remembers watching the archaeological quiz show, “What in the World.” Margaret Mead was a regular on that show.

His formal intro to Paganism involved studying with Reclaiming in the early 80s. He was part of a circle that dealt with out-of-control substance abuse called Dionysius’ Tears or the DTs. At the time, he wrote for Reclaiming’s newsletter. During that same period, Sean also attended Radical Faerie Gatherings. Then, after that, he studied the Feri tradition with Caradoc (Gabriel Carillo). Since then, Sean has been solo. But he has more recently begun studying with ADF, and also enjoys doing Yoga regularly.

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