Rynn Fox

RynnFox headshotRynn Fox brings over a decade of journalistic writing and marketing experience to The Wild Hunt. Under her professional name she has written pieces on law enforcement, technology and food for Law & Order, Public Safety Magazine and Mas Magazine. As a Pagan journalist she covers topics important to modern Paganisms, working to provide an in depth look at the issues to move discourse beyond preconceptions and rhetoric into a deeper level of understanding.

A longtime Witch, priest and mystic, she is a longtime continuing student of Morningstar Mystery School founded by Pagan author T. Thorn Coyle and holds the Blue and White cords of self-mastery and psychic skills. She is also a founder of Coru Cathubodua, a priesthood dedicated to the Celtic Goddess the Morrigan, and serves as their communications officer helping to champion the virtues of sovereignty, honor and personal responsibility.