Heather Greene

IMG_1886Heather Greene is a freelance writer living in the South. She has a bachelor’s degree in Film Studies and French from Wesleyan University and master’s degree in Film Theory and History from Emory University. She began her professional career in commercial media, film production, and technology, working for The Grey Group, Gindick Productions, Great! Spot, GCI, and The Coca Cola Company.

In 2001, she left the corporate world behind to become an independent writer and has been doing that ever since. Before joining The Wild Hunt, she wrote for Sybex Publishing, Turner Classic Movies, Circle Magazine, Saddleback SEO, Engenius Technologies and more.

Heather served as Public Information Officer for Covenant of the Goddess from 2012-2014 and for Atlanta-based Dogwood Local Council from 2010-2012. She has collaborated with Lady Liberty League and has taught public relations techniques at Cherry Hill Seminary. In 2016, she was a recipient of the Covenant of the Goddess award of honor for her contributions to community.

Heather is currently working on an extensive research project involving Witches, Witchcraft, the occult, and Hollywood cinema.

Outside of writing, Heather has always been surrounded by the visual and performing arts. She has studied theater, music, art, and dance at CMDE, Cornell University, Wesleyan University, and the University of Paris. She directed theatre with Mystic Theater Company in New York City. She finds peace dabbling in the artistic energies of life that seems to encircle her, and finds inspiration in all that is reflected in nature’s beauty, her family, and friends.

She is currently a member of Covenant of the Goddess, Circle Sanctuary, and Religion News Writers Association.

You can find Heather on Twitter or on her website.

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