Crystal Blanton

4901c19e07287f22d98a561d13d6904bCrystal Blanton is an activist, writer, priestess, mother, wife and social worker in the Bay Area. She works with disenfranchised youth in Oakland, and is in graduate school at a California State University for Social Work.

Crystal has published two books (Bridging the Gap and Pain and Faith in a Wiccan World) and she is the editor of the anthology Shades of Faith; Minority Voices in Paganism.  Her work is also published at Sage Woman, and on the Daughters of Eve blog at Patheos.

Crystal is passionate about the integration of community, spirituality and healing from our ancestral past, and is an advocate for true diversity and multiculturalism within the Pagan community. She continues to work in her local community and within the Pagan community by facilitating and participating in discussions on topics of social justice, diversity, leadership, and the use of restorative justice practices to empower the community voice.

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