Alley Valkyrie

alley-valkyrieAlley Valkyrie is a social activist, writer, artist, and spirit-worker living in the Pacific Northwest. She currently divides her time between Portland and Eugene.

Alley has spent the past several years working with homeless and impoverished populations throughout the Willamette Valley of Oregon, acting as a source of advocacy and support for individuals as well as an outspoken activist in the public forum. She has also been working as a freelance visual artist and photographer for over a decade, and has been producing a clothing line, Practical Rabbit, for nearly that long.  More recently, Alley has started her own Patreon account to help enable her to become a full-time writer and artist.  

Alley’s writing aims to demystify and humanize the experiences of homelessness and poverty while examining how histories and energies of place and the mechanics of power and oppression intersect. She is committed to fighting oppression and exposing injustice as an act of service and devotion to the Gods.

Alley has been writing for with The Wild Hunt since 2013.

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