Part II: Astrologically looking ahead to 2020

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TWH –  Last month, the Wild Hunt published Part I of a two-part series on upcoming astrological events. As we move to latter half of 2019, we begin to look ahead. Part II continues that interview with Diotima Mantineia. Here, she discusses the major astrological events that will occur in 2020.

Diotima Mantineia of Urania’s Well [Courtesy]

Three new cycles of outer planets will begin in 2020: Jupiter-Saturn, Saturn-Pluto, and Jupiter-Pluto. Cycles of planets have phases like those of the Moon-Sun cycle. This week, people are feeling the waning, or Dark Moon, phases of those three cycles.

A new Saturn-Pluto cycle will begin in January of 2020 when both planets meet in Capricorn. In April, June, and November of 2020, Jupiter and Pluto will meet in Capricorn. On the Winter Solstice of 2020, Jupiter and Saturn will meet in Aquarius. Those meetings, or conjunctions, will end an old cycle and begin a new one, like a New Moon.

Saturn in Capricorn

Those wishing to view these events will need telescopes to see planets with orbits further from the Sun than that of Saturn.

Saturn reflects limits. Saturn also reflects obstacles that spur people to overcome those obstacles. According to Mantineia, those planets with orbits further from the Sun than that of Saturn reflect that which lies beyond physical reality.

A back lit image of Saturn Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/SSI [Public domain

Saturn has great power in Capricorn. As Saturn will take 2.5 years to move through Capricorn, this transit will have a long impact. Mantineia linked Saturn in Capricorn with climate change as well as changes in business and government. She said, “In 2020, we will come face-to-face with limits, particularly limits to growth. There are limits we simply cannot go beyond without facing profound consequences. Those consequences will begin to be felt in 2020.”

Capricorn focuses on physical reality, especially government, business, and the planet itself. Mantineia interprets this to mean that “We can expect major changes and shifts of power in those areas. We also will discover where true power lies.”

January 2020: Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn

Pluto and Saturn are challenging planets. They require hard and deep work. Pluto involves deep work, sex, death, rebirth, and everything heavy. Saturn and Pluto will start their new cycle with an exact conjunction. At present, these two planets form an underlying melody.

Mantineia feels people should pay attention to that melody. Saturn and Pluto’s transit will have major impact on people with sensitive spots in their natal chars. Those sensitive spots range from 16 to 24 degrees in Capricorn, Aries, Cancer, or Libra. Saturn and Pluto were last conjunct in Capricorn in the 1500s.

nasa public domain

Image of Pluto taken by NASA Credit:NASA / Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory / Southwest Research Institute [Public domain

As Saturn and Pluto approach a new cycle, their prior cycle wanes. Mantineia said that this period would involve a “loss of trust in institutions, failures, and intense conflicts.” She pointed out the rise in authoritarian and reactionary politics during this period.

Many people find these times to be strange. Mantineia quoted from Richard Tarnas’ book “Cosmos and Psyche” to explain. Tarnas described the last phase of prior waning Saturn-Pluto cycles as eras of international crisis and conflict. Organized violence and oppression characterized those eras. Frequently, those eras produced lasting trauma.

Mantineia countered that pessimism. She noted that “these periods, while sobering and even traumatic, are also strengthening.” Tarnas also qualified that pessimism. He said that “displays of personal and collective determination characterize” these waning phases. He noted that these periods bring out a “deepening capacity for moral discernment.” Mantineia said “Looking back, I think we will recognize this period as the death throes of a non-sustainable way of life – environmentally, politically, and interpersonally.”

April, June, and November of 2020: Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn

These three conjunctions will mark the first time that this cycle begins in Capricorn since 1771. “Astrologers see Jupiter and Pluto,” Mantineia said, “as indicators of excessive wealth, power, and moral challenges.” She credits Jupiter and Pluto with ending outworn political and philosophical structures. She stressed that Jupiter and Pluto also involve freedom, power and visionary leadership. Deeply thought-out principles drive the resulting transformative philosophies.

Winter Solstice of 2020: Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius

This cycle lasts for twenty years. This year, however, marks a change in the element of the sign in which that conjunction occurs. For the previous 200 years, the Jupiter-Saturn cycle began in an earth sign such as Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn. For the next 200 years, that cycle will begin in an air sign such as Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius. Mantineia interpreted this to mean a focus on “communication, ideas, and social interaction.”

Saturn is about limits and obstacles to be overcome. In contrast, Jupiter involves expansion and optimism. Both planets have rulership over how societies are organized. They are, however, in dynamic tension. As a result, the Jupiter-Saturn cycle has great import. According to Mantineia, “Jupiter and Saturn are the arbiters of social patterns, structures, and interconnections.”

By human cycles, 2020 promises to be intense, politically and economically.  There are political elections in multiple countries including the USA.  The Brexit  period will expire by the end of the year.

“Aquarius is the sign of revolution.” Mantineia continued, “But keep in mind that Aquarius is not always progressive. It is simply radical. It can be radically conservative or radically liberal.” Its radicalism is always oriented towards change. She continued, “This Jupiter-Saturn conjunction leads us into the future.”