April Festival Roundup

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In April, the Pagan, Druid, Heathen, and Wiccan festival season kicks into full swing with preparation for May celebrations. Below is a list of April Festivals that might interest people in the Pagan communities. We briefly summarize information about upcoming festivals that are open to the public and may be of interest to the community.

The fifth annual Flames of Desire Gathering will take place from April 4 to April 7. It will be held in Hudson, Fla.  and offers classes for children, families, and adults. One of its goals is to ensure that “our histories are passed down from one generation to the next.” The Trees of Avalon Gathering produces this event.

The Fairy Faireno longer associated with the Fairy and Earth Festival, will take place in Sarasota, Fla. This one-day event will occur on April 6, 2019. It asks the question, “How can we use our love of Fairies to learn more about how we can protect, honor, and connect with Nature?” This immersive family-friendly event is open to kids-of-all-ages.

n April 6, the Pagan Fire Seminars will be held in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. These seminars consist of a “day-long series of panels and workshops. Each seminar focuses on a central theme.” The theme for this year is “From Inspiration to Practice,” focusing on the Bardic Arts, broadly understood. Presenters include Rev. Melissa Ashton, Traci Auerbach, Mike Bierschenck, and Dave “Thexalon” Kleinschmidt. The Three Cranes Grove of ADF is producing this event. This year the Three Cranes Grove is offering an option for people that cannot attend in person. People will be able to attend virtually.

Brotherhood by the Bog 2019 will take place from April 11 to April 14. This gathering will occur in Virginia Beach, Va. The festival is primarily Pagan but is open to all “respectful seekers.” The festival themes include “valuing and understanding our brothers” of various Pagan paths, age groups, various sexualities, relational styles, and transgender identities. The event focuses on elements of male spirituality and is open to “men of all sexual orientations and backgrounds”. They underscore that women who believe exploring this element of spirituality are equally welcome. Tidewater Spirit Coalition Men’s Group hosts this event.

From April 11 to April 14, Bowden, Ga. will host The Hawkfest Drum & Dance Gathering. It will consist of three nights of camping, drumming, and dancing.

Beltainia 2019 will take place from April 12 through April 14 in Plant City, Fla. This festival features a Bardic Circle, Crystal Singing Bowl Circle, Drum Circles, Healing Circle, Maypole Dance, Sweat Lodge, and much more. All World Acres produces this event. Note: this festival differs from the Beltainia festival held in Colorado May 16 through May 19.

From April 18 through April 21, the Spring Mysteries Festival will take place at Fort Flagler in Nordland, Wash. This festival will include workshops, The Eleusinian Mysteries, and the Elevation of the ArchPriest. Workshops will include Astrology and The Greek Gods, Demeter Path Work, Drum Making, Eclectic Design, Gardening as Demeter Worship, Mysteries of Medusa, and Palmistry and Tarot. The Aquarian Tabernacle Church produces this event.


Lunireal [CC BY-SA 4.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)]

The Muses presenting the Lesser Mysteries at Spring Mysteries Festival. A recreation of the ancient Eleusinian Mysteries. Credit Lunireal


The 20th annual Trillium Spring Gathering will take place from April 18 through April 21. It will be held in Cross Junction, Va. Workshops focus on spiritual and pragmatic topics. The pragmatic workshops include “Marketing Tips for your Pagan Group or Event” and “Mentoring Matters.” ADF produces this event.

Eric Hill from Boston, MA, USA [CC BY-SA 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)]

Trillium Flower credit Eric Hill from Boston, MA


Arthur Shipkowski of ADF said that organizers named this gathering after a plant native to North America with a three-petaled flower. Shipkowski described the festival as “a small, family-friendly festival that is Ár nDraíocht Féin (ADF) focused but not ADF exclusive.”

Beltane 2019: Renewing Relationships will take place from April 25 through April 28, in Mineral, Va. Brian Henke will provide entertainment. Workshops include a Quest Drum Workshop, and a Taiko Drum workshop. Mountain Mysteries produces this event.

The seventh annual Wyld Fire Beltane Hunt will take place from April 25 through April 28 in Springfield, La. The festival focuses on the erotic energy of Beltaine and they underscore that it is a consent centered event. Entertainment includes belly dancers, fire dancers, pyro-technicians, and Haggis Rampart, “a modern bag pipe and drum ensemble.” Workshops include Community Building Rituals of Heathenism, Rediscovering Seidr Craft, Sex Magic Principles and Possibilities, and The Power of Sigil Magick. New Orleans Lamplight Circle produces this event.

Some of the April events are festivals. Others are gatherings. Some last a full weekend. Others last for only one day. They all provide a way for Pagans to learn and to expand their networks.

The Wild Hunt provides this information as a community service.  We do a round up based on available information and press releases sent to us. The Wild Hunt, its management or staff, do not endorse any of these events.