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Last week I reported that Pagan author and teacher  T. Thorn Coyle, with Solar Cross Temple, started a FirstGiving page to support Washington DC’s Miriam’s Kitchen in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Miriam’s Kitchen, which provides food and resources to the homeless, is dedicated to helping a population especially vulnerable to extreme weather.

“This week our homeless guests were among the most vulnerable facing Hurricane Sandy. More than 40% of our guests find shelter on the streets each night. That means the high winds, pouring rain, falling trees, extreme temperatures and risk of hypothermia were just a few of the hardships our guests experienced.

Together, Pagans raised more than $1,500 dollars for Miriam’s Kitchen, and now Solar Cross Temple is re-focusing on raising funds for Occupy Sandy, and also looking into ways to assist Haiti, hard-hit by the storms.

storm fundraiser

“I’m writing today to announce that Solar Cross Temple is starting a new campaign to send funds to Occupy Sandy to help them continue the amazing work they have begun, which is only beginning, as those affected by Hurricane Sandy move into winter with a broken infrastructure. We are still looking for a good group working on the ground in Haiti to donate funds to, wanting to make sure that the bulk of the money goes to actual aid, and not administration costs. […] If you have $5, $10, $50, $150 to spare, if you can pool resources with friends, covens, households, kindreds, or lodges, please consider helping us. We are taking donations via Paypal (the FirstGiving site we used for Miriam’s Kitchen doesn’t have that ability, which left many unable to donate). Please send them to with the subject line “Hurricane Relief.” We will send the funds on $250 or $500 at a time, depending on how much comes in, and how quickly.”

In addition to these ongoing efforts within the Pagan community, the global tarot community (which includes many Pagans) just successfully raised over $5000 dollars for the American Red Cross. To raise the money dozens of tarot readers and enthusiasts offered items or services to raffle off.

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These are just two examples of how Pagans and other interconnected esoteric communities are reacting to the immense damage and hardship caused by Sandy. Banding together to do our part, show solidarity with those suffering, and aid in the efforts to assist and rebuild. Our successes so far are to our credit, and sums up an ethos shared by Thorn Coyle in her latest post on Solar Cross fundraising efforts.

Blessed be those in need.

Blessed be those who offer love in action.

We all weather these storms.

We all weather these storms, an understanding that is integral to how many Pagans operate. Sacred community extends not just to our circles, groves, and hearths, but to the places and people we co-exist with every day, and to the land itself.

If you know of other Pagan or esoteric community fundraising efforts, please share them in the comments. Also, let us know if you’ve donated to Sandy relief privately, outside the rubric of an organized campaign.