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Preliminary Australian Census numbers. (PaganDash)

Preliminary Australian Census numbers. (PaganDash)

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The Riverspace Arts center in Nyack, New York is premiering an exhibition in March that may be of interest to my  readership. Entitled “Goddess on Earth”, the show is the culmination of a six-year project by photographer Lisa Levart that aims to unveil the goddesses in the lives of individual women.

The Riverspace café will be transformed to house the multimedia installation that celebrates the strength, self-esteem and wholeness of contemporary women and girls. An empowering, feminist sanctuary emerges out of a collage of moving and still projections, international music and the women’s recorded voices as they reflect on the feminine divine. Working with women of all ages, Levart has captured evocative contemporary interpretations of know and little known goddesses from many countries and cultures including Native American, China, Egypt, Greece, Hawaii, Scandinavia, India, Ireland, Sumerian, Japan and Tibet. Collectively these portraits convey the resonant and multifaceted manifestations of the feminine spirit.

Included in the 60 women photographed for the project are several well-known and accomplished individuals, like author Isabel Allende (as Yemaya), actress Karen Allen (as Habetrot), and singer/songwriter Suzzy Roche (as Calliope). The show runs from March 7th through March 28th and is part of Riverspace’s tribute to Women’s History Month. For more previews of the photos, and information about a forthcoming book collection of the work, check out the Goddess on Earth web site.