Heather Greene

Heather Greene

Heather Greene is a freelance writer living in the South. She has a masters degree in Film Theory and History with a background in commercial media and technology. She spent the first part of her career working at a major Madison Avenue Advertising agency and its production subsidiaries, as well as a systems engineer at a Fortune 100 company. In 2001 she left it all behind to become a independent writer and has been doing that ever since.

Heather is currently serving as National Public Information Officer for Covenant of the Goddess. From 2010-2012, she served as Public Information Officer for Dogwood Local Council. Additionally, she has collaborated with Lady Liberty League and is also published in Circle Magazine.

Heather’s other interests fall into the creative realm. She finds peace dabbling in the artistic energy that always seems to encircle her life through music, theater, dance, color and words. She finds power and inspiration in all that is reflected in nature’s beauty, family and friends.

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