Clio Ajana


Clio Ajana resides in the Upper Midwest. She is a lesbian Hellenic Orthodox High Priestess and member of the House of Our Lady of Celestial Fire, E.O.C.T.O., a tradition in the Upper Midwest that has embraced Greek, Roman, and Egyptian gods with an emphasis and welcoming of all LGBTQIA since 1998.

Clio’s passions numerology, astrology, herbalism, eldercare, prison ministry, and writing as a spiritual practice. Her work can be found at the Patheos blog Daughters of Eve and in the anthology titled Shades of Ritual: Minority Voices in Practice, and Bringing Race to the Table. Her writing interests include include how race, homophobia and religious non-acceptance intersect, how Paganism can address the needs of aging Pagans or non-Pagan relatives, and rituals for self and group empowerment in everyday life.

Clio considers everything in her life to be touched by and guided by the Gods.

In 2004, Clio joined the Pagan community. Since 2012, she has served as Hieria for the House of Lady of Celestial Fire. In 2013, she started writing for Daughters of Eve, and in 2014, she began her prison ministry.  Her current projects include a practical memoir for caregivers in the Pagan community, with an emphasis on how to survive and to thrive in the care-giving process and a spiritual memoir on the journey to a new home in Paganism as a woman of color with an emphasis on culture, prayer, and lessons learned.

Outside of writing, Clio’s current passions are fed through time spent with family, friends, rowing, ritual development, travel, and exploration of the new.  A good laugh makes a great day.

You can find Clio on Facebook and on her own blog, which explores her relationship with the Gods.

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