A Darker Shade of Pagan: Top Ten of 2012

While I generally keep my music podcast, A Darker Shade of Pagan, from getting entangled in the daily workings of The Wild Hunt, every once in awhile I like to alert my readership of some great Pagan and Pagan-friendly music that I come across. Since I posted my ADSOP top ten of 2012 show on Sunday, I thought I would share what I thought were some of the best albums that speak to the Pagan soul from the past year. Consider it a gift-giving guide to the Pagan in your life looking for something different in the way of “Pagan music”. ADSOP’s Top Ten Albums of 2012:

10. Hexvessel – “No Holier Temple” [Purchase]

Dubbing themselves “forest folk from Finland,” Hexvessel first gained attention with 2011’s “Dawnbearer,” but it is with “No Holier Temple” that the band take their psychedelic folk-rock sound to new heights. Sounding like an ahead-of-its-time lost treasure from the vaults, Hexvessel could have gotten caught in becoming a mere tribute to the bands that inspired them, but luckily the sounds here are fresh thanks to inventive compositions and a judicious use of modern elements.