Sick Day

Dear readers, I have been sick. In truth I’ve been sick for several days now, and still haven’t kicked the virus that has overcome my usually robust nature. I have no doubt  that I’m on the mend, but I’m taking a day off from my responsibilities so I can rest up and hopefully return a bit stronger when I do return. In the meantime, here’s a neat little short film from We Are The Forest that I think you might enjoy (thanks to i09 for the link). Gloam from We Are The Forest on Vimeo.

A Day Off

I’m taking a “sick day” today. Here’s some things you might want to read instead. ‘Return to Oakland’ by Starhawk
‘Taking My Own Advice’ by T. Thorn Coyle
‘All Candy, No Jesus: Halloween in America’ by Mary Valle
Also, do check out my favorite Christian blogger, Slacktivist. Plus, all great content to be found at the Patheos Pagan Portal and the Pagan Newswire Collective!