Thaumaturgic Border Protection!

I don’t usually go for parody, but this was so well-crafted that I had to make an exception. Entropic Memes points to a faux Department of Homeland Security presentation on the benefits of enlisting Pagans in the war on terror.If the language seems pretty authentic, that’s because it is!”It’s copied from a real DHS briefing on critical infrastructure protection, and I’m amazed how little I had to change or remove to make it applicable to the topic at hand … Kids! Count the pagan in-jokes…”The Danger Room blog, which covers national security news, approves of the plan.”America’s borders are under assault — not just from the usual coterie of coyotes, illegal aliens, and would-be terrorists. But from “disaffected voudon priestesses, state-sponsored Venezuelan witch-doctors” and other practitioners of “bad juju,” as well.”Remember, its only satire, any resemblance to actual government policy is purely coincidental.