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I have a few loose ends that didn’t make it into yesterday’s “(Pagan) News of Note” that I’d like to share with you. The first is a response from UK dating columnist Ed Saunt concerning my criticisms of his ditching a “sweet and funny” girl because she was Wiccan.

“The final thing I learnt this week is not to mess with witches … following my unfortunate experience with witch Julia two weeks ago, I have been condemned by the Pagan community as ‘a moron,’ ‘a dork’ and ‘a prat’ in a well-written – if slightly crazy – blog”

Saunt makes an “impassioned plea” to any Witch with a good sense of humor and a “well-oiled broomstick” to give him a second chance. As for my blog being “slightly crazy” (albeit well-written), I’ll take it as a compliment.

While I’m on the subject of Witches, Mark Morford sings their praises, and discusses the flap over Sarah Palin’s witch-protectin’ prayer by Thomas Muthee.

“Is it worth setting the record straight? Pointing out how true ‘n’ deep witchcraftery has nothing to do with evil or Satan or excessive black eyeliner or sacrificing newborn babies while listening to Ministry and smoking cloves? That those who’ve taken up this most ancient and potent of callings actually study their enchanted craft for years and know more about, say, the cycles of the moon and the body and the rhythms of the planet than Sarah Palin’s most secretest pagan fever dream could ever conjure?”

For the record, I can confirm that while I have smoked cloves (though I can no longer tolerate them) and listened to Ministry (it was all downhill after “Psalm 69”) at the same time, I have never (to my knowledge) sacrificed a newborn baby while doing so. As for Morford, something tells me he would have no problem finding a Witch to go on a date with (well-oiled broom optional), maybe he could give Ed Saunt some tips?

With all this talk of getting protection from, and dating, Witches, one wonders what the general public thinks about them? Well, if Halloween costume sales are anything to go by, they are incredibly popular among adults and children.

“The top adult costumes will be a witch (14.9 percent of respondents), pirate (4.4 percent), vampire (3.3 percent), cat (2.5 percent) and fairy (1.7 percent). About 1.5 percent say they’ll dress up as a political figure. The top children’s costumes include a princess, witch, Hannah Montana, Spider-Man, pirate and “Star Wars” characters.”

No doubt many of those “witches” will be heading to Salem as it gears up for a month-long Halloween extravaganza (complete with real Witches). A topic you’ll most likely be hearing more about as we approach Samhain.