Unleash the Hounds! (Link Roundup)

There are lots of articles and essays of interest to modern Pagans out there, sometimes more than I can write about in-depth in any given week. So The Wild Hunt must unleash the hounds in order to round them all up.

Shortly after I posted yesterday’s entry on the passing of Russell Means, David Godwin, and Paul Kurtz, I learned that noted dancer and musician Gabrielle Roth died yesterday. Roth was a proponent of ecstatic, shamanic, and therapeutic dancing and movements, most famous for her 5Rhythms practice and her many albums produced as Gabrielle Roth & The Mirrors. Of her mother’s passing, son Jonathan A Horan said: “Our Mama Raven’s wings have lifted her spirit from this lifetime and she is in flight to her next journey, where she will dance in our hearts forever.”

McCollum Speaks and other Pagan News of Note

Top Story: If you’ve been following the legal saga of Wiccan chaplain Patrick McCollum, who is fighting to have California’s discriminatory “five faiths” policy overturned, you’re going to want to listen to Anne Hill’s hour-long radio discussion with McCollum concerning the case. “Today I sat in for my friend and colleague Peter Laufer on his Sunday morning KOWS radio show, which gave me the opportunity to interview Patrick on the air about his case. If you have not educated yourself about the case and what is at stake, now is your chance to listen to Patrick explain it in his own words.” If you aren’t already outraged by this case, you may well be after hearing this interview. You can listen via an audio stream at Anne’s site, or download an MP3 of the entire discussion.