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Comics news site Newsarama runs a joint interview with Jim Balent and Holly G. of Broadsword Comics, home of the “empowering” (and not safe for work) comic “Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose”. There they reveal that two real-life Pagans will be making apperances in upcoming issues of the comic, the first is reality television star and “danger artist” Tonya Kay, and the second is Pagan author Raven Grimassi.

The 9th anniversary issue will have the traditional third cover, the “Photo Cover”. It’s usually Holly dress or should I say in a state of “undressed”, as Tarot in a magickal setting. It also begins a new storyline that will extend over 4 issues. Several friends and readers will be drawn into the book and I am very pleased to announce that Tonya Kay, Actress, dancer and one of the stars on Stan Lee’s “Who wants to be a Superhero.” will make her first appearance in the Tarot comic. At the end of the series, Award winning author and teacher of Witchcraft, Raven Grimassi, will appear in issue #58.

This isn’t the first time that real-life Pagans have made appearances in Tarot’s chest-obsessed universe, Pagan author and television star Fiona Horne also appeared in an issue not too long ago. As for Raven’s appearance, one wonders how much input he got into his action’s there, and if he’ll get to fight evil human-hating demonic forces with his Witch-powers? Oh please, let there be an epic battle involving Raven’s Witch-powers! Later on in the interview Jim Balent explains why he likes including real-life Pagans in Tarot.

I like having Craft superstars, like Fiona, Raven Grimassi and Tonya Kay, involved in the books because they bring a lot of personal knowledge about their own path in the Craft. I’ve always said that my goal in creating Tarot was to educate and entertain. And they are a big part of both.

So there you go, a Craft education, supernatural entertainment, and acres of (NSFW) flesh! How could you go wrong? Let’s hope that more Craft elders and teachers make appearances. Maybe Raymond Buckland? Or Laurie Cabot? Imagine the possibilities! Also, be sure you don’t miss out on Broadsword’s line of magic candles!