Tim Titus

GlamShot_TTitusTim Titus is a psychology teacher from southern California. He grew up surrounded by both journalism and theater. As the son of a critic and an actress who comes from a family that includes militant atheists and devout Christians, and as a person who works in a field where “magical thinking” is a derogatory term, he always strives to explore the connections between Pagan spirituality, arts, culture, and science rather than the walls that separate humanity.

Tim is a High Priest and ordained minister in the Temple of Witchcraft, where he also serves as one of the Deputy Virgo Ministers. In that capacity, he leads the Healing Case Study Group, which performs distance healing on one subject per month and checks its results with the subject. He is also an official teacher of the tradition who offers classes and rituals with the Temple of Witchcraft Orange County.  

Tim was one of the original contributors to The Juggler, a Pagan Newswire Collective blog that focused on Paganism and the arts.  He continues that work at Intersections. He has published articles in the print anthologies Ancestors of the Craft and Finding the Masculine in the Goddess’ Spiral.

Tim has been writing for The Wild Hunt since July 2016.

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