Lyonel Perabo

lyonel_profile_photoLyonel Perabo is a Frenchman of mixed Western-European ancestry who has resided in Scandinavia since 2009. After obtaining a B.A. in History, getting involved with student media, and working within the tourism industry, he moved to Iceland in 2013 to start a degree in Old Norse Religion at the university of Reykjavík, which he concluded in 2016.

In the following years, Lyonel has been involved as a writer, researcher, editor, and translator in various tourism-related ventures all the while continuing his work as an independent scholar of Old Norse Religion and Scandinavian history in his hometown of Tromsø, North-Norway.

When he is not writing, Lyonel is mostly found spending time with his wife, daughter, and cat. Other activities of his include guiding tourists, photographing northern lights and local Arctic vistas, volunteering for various cultural festivals, and selling berries on the town’s main square.

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