Lyonel Perabo

lyonel_profile_photoLyonel Perabo is a Frenchman of mixed Western European ancestry currently living and working in North-Norway. Lyonel was born in Paris, but was mostly raised in the south. As a child, Lyonel was fascinated by history, literature and mythology, most particularly by that of the ancient Greeks and Romans, whose memory is still held in high regard in the area where he grew up.

In high school, Lyonel began studying philosophy, folklore, arts and, to a lesser extent, Paganism and Occultism as well as founding a (short-lived) student newspaper with some friends of his. In 2006, Lyonel enrolled at the Paul Valéry University and received a Bachelor’s by a year of academic exchange in Norway.

In 2009, Lyonel moved to Tromsø and was introduced to circumpolar and North-Norwegian studies, and student journalism. He also began to develop his English skills and met Linnea, the one who’d eventually become his wife. After a year of study, Lyonel started working as a tourist guide during the summer season for cruise-ship tourists, in both French and English. Following the end of the season, he moved to South-Western Finland, where he  mostly killed time by felling trees, splitting firewood, sweating in the sauna, learning Swedish (the local minority language) and shovelling snow, during one of the coldest winter of recent memory.

Once spring came, he returned to Tromsø for work as a seasonal cruise-ship guide, professional Northern Lights-hunter, and working on the redaction of several practical handbooks for use by other local guides.

In 2013, he moved back to Iceland in order to get started with a Master program in Old Norse Religion (Norræn Trú) offered by the University of Iceland. There, he was introduced to Medieval Icelandic language and Codicology, Germanic Paganism and Viking Archeology. After a year, he returned to Tromsø having completed all of his courses and spent most of the following two years writing his Master’s thesis, which was accepted in May 2016. It is titled:  “Here be Heathens: The Supernatural Image of Northern Fenno-Scandinavia in Pre-Modern Literature.”

Lyonel is active in social media, chiefly on He works at a distillery, mostly writing and researching about local History/ Norse mythology. He is now married to Linnea, and they live on the top of the island of Tromsø with their cat, Tutti-Fruttti.

Lyonel speaks French, English, an odd mixture of Norwegian and Swedish, and he has a fairly decent understanding of written Medieval Icelandic. Lyonel is an avid runner and concert-goer.

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