Pagan Publisher Peter Paddon Suffers Serious Heart Attack

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Word has come to us that Peter Paddon, author of “A Grimoire for Modern Cunning Folk,” and founder of Pendraig Publishing, suffered a serious heart attack on Monday. Here’s the official press release sent to me by a member of his tradition:

Peter Paddon

Peter Paddon

“Well known Pagan publisher, podcaster, teacher and Cunningman Peter Paddon suffered a serious heart attack on Monday. He was admitted to a local hospital in Los Angeles and underwent a successful surgical procedure but is still in critical condition in the CICU. His wife Linda and members of his tradition request prayers and healing from the Pagan community to help speed his recovery.”

As the release notes Paddon is still in critical condition, and prayers for his recovery are appreciated. We will keep you updated on further developments, and would like add our voice to those hoping for his quick and speedy recovery. For those wanting to learn more about Paddon and his work, please visit his official blog.