Statement from CAYA Coven on Rite of Lilith at PantheaCon

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Lady Yeshe Rabbit, High Priestess of CAYA Coven, and the clergy of Come As You Are Coven, have issued a statement on the Amazon Priestess Tribe’s Rite of Lilith at PantheaCon 2011. This ritual served as the catalyst for the current ongoing discussions regarding gender, inclusion, and religious freedom.

“The Clergy of Come As You Are Coven wish to address the recent events and conversations regarding gender discrimination and the Amazon Priestess Tribe’s Rite of Lilith at PantheaCon 2011. It is our intention that this statement will a) open an inclusive, compassionate and respectful dialogue, b) shed light on some points that require clarity due to miscommunication, lack of communication, and misinterpretation, and c) help heal any deliberate or inadvertent pain caused by anyone along the spectrum of this emotionally-charged matter. Please accept the following offerings as an invitation to share in conversation as well as mutual understanding with us.”

Rather than try to summarize, I recommend everyone involved in this current discussion read the entire statement.

In addition, the organizers of PantheaCon have released the following short statement.

“PantheaCon 2011 is over, but one event held there has sparked an important discussion that is currently ongoing online in personal blogs and community spaces.  We have not yet started meeting to plan PantheaCon 2012 but many of us are keeping track of these online discussions.  We need to be sure that whatever decisions are made are the right ones, and as such we ask for patience and the space to ensure that we can find the best path forward.

We welcome your comments and concerns in the coming months.  Please feel free to email with any information you would like us to have – we can’t guarantee a response, but someone will be reading anything that is sent to that address.  We appreciate the diversity of opinion and tradition that all of you bring to PantheaCon and we will do our absolute best to weigh the many alternatives and make the right decision.”

I will keep you appraised of further developments, reports, and statements as they come to me.