Jehanah Wedgwood 1941 – 2010

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Word has come to us that San Francisco poet and Druid elder Jehanah Wedgwood passed away on Monday, November 15th. A cherished member of the SF community, James L. Bianchi from the House of Danu, an alliance of OBOD Groves and Seed groups, shares this obituary.

Jehanah Wedgwood

When the House of Danu emerged, we were blessed with a formidable grove of elders who offered guidance, inspiration, artistic prowess, and scholarly wisdom: our Druid Grove. Jehanah Wedgewood was the foremost poet of our Druid Grove and our House. We mourn her passing on November 15, 2010.

Jehanah came to us as grove mother of the oldest and most revered OBOD grove in the West, Manannan Mac Lir, in San Francisco, operated by Dr. Rodney Karr that presides over the sacred stones of Monarch Bear Grove in Golden Gate Park San Francisco. She was there at the first planning retreat in the Santa Cruz redwoods when we formed the vision for the House of Danu, was active on the Gorsedd committee, and an esteemed member of our governing Council.

Jehanah was born as Stephanie Virginia ‘Jenna’ Wedgwood on January 28, 1941, and upon her passing, is survived by her children, Mary Shea, Thomas Wedgwood, and Susannah Wedgwood, her daughter-in-law Jill Raznov, and grandchildren Ely, Colby, and Evan.

She received Bachelor’s degree at Indiana University 1968 for Comparative Literature, and spent a year in graduate school studying Creative Writing at Texas Christian University. Jehanah continued her studies at the Gestalt Institute of Multiple Psychotherapy, and the San Francisco Gestalt Institute, followed by an internship with Ron Kurtz (Gestalt Psychotherapist), and an internship with Dr. Rodney Karr (Jungian psychotherapist) five years. Jehanah also relished the workshops of R.J. Stewart.

Jehanah was Rolfed, learned Feldenkreis exercises, Tai Chi, studied nutrition and herbal healing. She developed special interests in the areas of Celtic Studies, Druidry and Faery tradition, anthropology, ancient history and philosophy, comparative esoteric literature, brain function and evolution, New Age healing, environmental concerns, and International relations and world power structure. Special influences: Joseph Campbell, Alan Watts, William Shakespeare, Gertrude Stein, the poets Jack Micheline and Allen Ginsberg.

Jehanah lived in the Haight Ashbury neighborhood for 39 years where she became a cornerstone of San Francisco’s literary culture, presiding over weekly poetry readings at the Sacred Grounds Café for over three decades. Jehanah was editor of the Sacred Grounds Anthologies 1-15, published chapbooks of her own poetry, Mother of Winter, The Sun Colors, and Song for the Day, and her final work, Next Century’s Child (Meridian Press Works), that was published just days before her passing.

Her literary life was an integral part of her spiritual life. She was grove mother of the Monarch Bear Grove, and the Manannan Mac Lir Grove in San Francisco, minister of Shamanistic Poetry, and ordained by the Association for the Integration of the Whole Person. Jehanah was always a teacher, and so she will remain.

What is remembered lives.

James L. Bianchi, Council
House of Danu

Blessings to all who knew her, may she rest and return to us again. What is remembered lives. Details of her memorial event on November 21, 2010 at 10:00a.m. in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco can be found on the House of Danu (Official) Facebook page.