Update: Pagan Health Survey

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Back in mid-August I alerted you to a new survey concerning Pagan health being conducted by Kimberly Hedrick of the TriWinds Institute; the results of which is to be presented at the annual meeting of The American Public Health Association (APHA) in November.

“As both a Pagan and cultural anthropologist, I felt it was vitally important that we help policy-makers and service providers understand our needs and beliefs. This will help us to meet the health care needs of our community and build public understanding of our religious and spiritual traditions. I designed the Pagan Health Survey to help people better understand us and our views on health. The results will be combined with what I have gained by being within the Pagan community and sitting in on healing panel discussions, workshops, and so forth, as well as interviews with Pagan clergy and health care practitioners. This research is being funded through my grassroots nonprofit, TriWinds Institute through donations.”

While Hedrick tells me that response to the survey so far has been good, allowing them to reach a confidence level of 95% with a confidence interval of +/- 4%, they’d like to hear from 400-500 more individuals to make their data even more accurate. They are also looking for  (tax-deductible) donations to offset the cost of the research and presentation.

“The Pagan Health Survey is currently underway.  This project is designed to help the health care community understand the beliefs, practices, choices, and needs of Pagans and Heathens as they relate to health and wellness.  If you are a Pagan or Heathen, please take the survey and share with your friends.  Let the voices of the Pagan community be heard!

If you are a member of the Pagan community or care about this cause, please consider making a donation to fund this research, which will be presented at the American Public Health Association meeting in Denver, CO on November 9.  This research project’s budget is $1500.  Please help us reach that goal!”

You can access the survey, here. A donation link can be found on their web site. This is some ground-breaking work that could really provide data that helps our communities in the long-term. If you haven’t already, I encourage you to take the survey, and share the link with your friends. I’ll be following up with Kimberly Hedrick concerning the results, and her experiences at the APHA’s annual meeting, in the near future.