Quick Notes: Thresholds of Life, Satanic Goats, and the Bad Witch Condos

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I’m on the road today to visit family, but here’s a few quick notes for you.

Thresholds of Life: Over at Patheos.com, Star Foster shares her audio interview with Pagan priestess and Death Midwife Nora Cedarwind Young, recorded at this year’s Pagan Spirit Gathering.

“Before Pagan Spirit Gathering I had never heard of a death-midwife but it makes perfect sense. Midwives were healers of body and spirit, they guided people through the transition of birth, death and even marriage by matchmaking. While birth midwives have been making a comeback since the 1970’s, midwives who help families with the transition of death are still uncommon. Along with sharing her stories and thoughts about PSG, Nora Cedarwind Young told us about death-midwives: what they do and how she became one.”

In addition to her work as a Death Midwife, Young is also an activist in the green burial movement, and was part of the initiative to get Circle Cemetery, located at Circle Sanctuary Nature Preserve, approved as America’s first National Pagan natural burial ground and contemporary Green cemetery to be platted and recorded in Wisconsin.

The Allegedly Evil Sacrificed Goats: A Doylesburg, Pennsylvania families four pet goats were killed on June 30th in what some are claiming was a “ritualistic” manner. Animal Control Police Officer Floyd “Buck” Hessler seems convinced it’s Satanists.

“That sounds like a satanic issue,” said Franklin County Animal Control Police Officer Floyd “Buck” Hessler when told Tuesday of the incident. Hessler said he investigated what seemed to be a ritualistic animal killing about three years ago, in Hamilton Township. In that incident, several dogs had been killed, skinned and arranged in a circle. “My understanding is that they drink the blood and put them in all in a circle. I don’t know why they do it, but that’s what they do,” he said … Hessler said that most ritualistic animal killings seem to happen at night and involve smaller, easier to handle animals.

I’m intensely curious as to how he reached that “understanding”. Is there a book I can reference? Case files? Testimony? Or are we once again relying on traveling “occult experts” to provide a “Satanic ritual” veneer to something they don’t understand? I’m truly surprised that this one wasn’t also blamed on Santeria, since they seem to be the go-to culprit for animal deaths lately.

The Wicked Witch of North Bay Village: A rather humdrum case of accused condo association fraud in Miami get livened up by the fact that the property manager accused of mismanaging and embezzling funds is on the advisory council of Association of Independent Pagans, and allegedly cursed tenants in a flyer posted on condo doors.

A group of condo owners at South Treasure Drive’s North Bay Villas want their property manager, Fernando Laracuente, fired. “He has utilized [condo] association resources for his personal gain, and he refuses to give up,” resident Andrea Gomez says … The situation got stranger last week when tenants found a flyer posted on every door and littering the parking lot, declaring Laracuente’s enemies were “annoying bitches” and continued, “All they know how to do is create chaos. Oh, daughters of Lucifer, that ye have been born… only for procreation purposes and to favor evil. We damn our luck for these people joining our community.” Plastered in the middle of the flyer was clip art of a witch’s head … “Laracuente is truly deranged and needs to be committed,” says Adriana Caraballo, a tenant named in the flyer.

Laracuente’s lawyer denies the fiscal mismanagement allegations, saying that it’s just a disagreement that’s gotten out of hand. As the Miami New Times points out, condo association fights are common enough, but what isn’t common is the property manager calling residents “daughters of Lucifer” in a printed flyer (at least I don’t think it is, but I’m not up on condo life). If there’s anyone from the Pagan community near North Bay Village in Florida who has any insight on this, please feel free to speak up in the comments.

That’s all I have time for right now, have a great day!