Dan Halloran’s Parking Problems

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Time to check in once again with everyone’s favorite openly Pagan elected official, New York City Councilman Dan Halloran. This time Halloran is getting attention for an altercation with a traffic cop. According to Halloran, he saw Traffic Enforcement Agent Daniel Chu run stop-signs and park illegally at a donut shop and decided to confront him about it.


“A city councilman who spotted a traffic cop blow through stop signs while yakking on the phone confronted the officer – and got slapped with a $165 ticket, the irate lawmaker said. Dan Halloran (R-Queens) wants his summons dismissed and is demanding a review of every ticket the Queens traffic agent has ever written. “The traffic agents spend a lot of time ticketing in my community and yet they feel they’re above the law,” Halloran griped … Halloran said he told the surly officer that he was a city councilman. “He said, ‘Oh yeah? You want to take pictures of me? I’m going to give you a ticket,'” Halloran recalled. Chu then wrote Halloran a $165 ticket for blocking a crosswalk. The councilman denied he was blocking it, adding that his engine was running and the car door was open.”

So is Halloran the local populist hero fighting against unjust/power-mad parking enforcement, or is he overcompensating for something? A NYPD spokesperson said “Halloran received a traffic summons in January for illegally parking in a school zone”, and just last week he was accused of abusing his office by parking illegally and using his city parking permit to avoid tickets.

“In the neighborhood known to be impossible to find a legal parking space on the street, Halloran’s white Jaguar with a city parking permit on the dashboard and “NYC COUNCIL 19? on his license plate is parked right next to a sign that clearly reads “NO STANDING HOTEL LOADING ZONE” in front of the entrance to the Sheraton New York Towers.  The placard and plate do not make it legal for Halloran to park there, but most police officers and traffic agents will leave such a car alone.  As of publication Halloran’s car had not been ticketed and towed … Halloran could not immediately be located for comment, but examiner.com will keep trying and update with whatever answer he gives us as to why while everyone is else is spending an arm and a leg on the hotel parking lot, he saw fit to violate the very laws he helps write.”

It’s parking-gate! NYPD vs Halloran! While this political tempest plays out in the local press, someone is trying to make Halloran’s Paganism an issue again. An seeming fan of the Queens Tribune, the paper who “outed” Halloran as a Pagan in a sensationalist smear-piece, and were later revealed to have some serious conflicts of interest in the matter, is trolling comment sections here, and here, accusing Halloran of being a racist animal-killer who practices a “stupid pagan religion”. Some things, it seems, never change. There’s always going to be some people who think being a Pagan means you are automatically unfit for political office. Still, kudos to Gothamist and NY Daily News for not taking the “pagan” bait while reporting on this incident. As for “parking-gate”, we’ll keep you posted.