What do the Babalawos See in 2010?

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Each year there is a gathering of Santeria priests in Cuba where they perform Ifa readings for the coming year. While they generally try to stay apolitical, this year was a bit different.

“Their prediction: a year of social and political unrest, struggles for power, and treachery. They also warned that there could be a coup d’etat or other sudden political change. Speaking about their findings, one of the leading babalawos, Victor Betancourt, said it was time for a new generation of leaders to take over. “Times change. The older generations should pass their experience on to young people because they are better prepared,” he said.”

Naturally these sorts of predictions don’t sit well when your country is being ruled by a pair of increasingly elderly brothers. So the only thing to do when your power is thus threatened, short of imprisonment and murder, is to release some predictions of your own to muddy the waters.

“A rival Santeria group, which enjoys official sanction from the government, came out with its own predictions later Saturday, saying 2010 would be a year of improving health.”

That rival Santeria group knows where its bread is buttered.

Naturally the meeting of Babalawos and Santeros in Cuba isn’t the only new-years predictive ceremony that’s held.

“Mexico’s ”Brujo Mayor” or ”Great Witch” is scheduled to announce his predictions on world events and celebrity affairs on Monday, and Venezuela’s Santeria priests are expected to make their own New Year’s predictions.”

I’m sure that’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to predictions for 2010. So let’s turn to the Pagan community. Did you do any readings about the coming year? Have any predictions you want to share with the world? Feel free to post them in the comments. But be warned! We’ll be looking back in 2011 to see how accurate you were!