Bath & Body Works Manager Doesn’t Want to Work With “Satanists”

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A sales manager at a Bath & Body Works in Hartford, Connecticut was allegedly fired by her new regional manager for making a religious pilgrimage to Salem for Samhain. Gina [Last name removed by request], who had been working for the chain for eight years, and taking the pilgrimage for six, had already gotten prior approval from her former regional manager for the Samhain trip. But her new boss, Sandra Scibelli, had other ideas.

“[Last name removed by request] says she explained that her vacation had already been approved and that she was celebrating a religious holiday.  Uberti says Scibelli responded, “That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Let me ask you where your priorities should have been?” [Last name removed by request] says she asked what was ridiculous, and Scibelli replied: “Well, you will need a new career in your new year.” Scibelli allegedly added, “I will be damned if I have a devil-worshipper on my team.” [Last name removed by request] says she was fired in November 2008. She seeks lost wages and punitive damages for religious discrimination.”

Oops! Doesn’t sound like a great PR move for Bath & Body Works during a recession and just before the Winter holidays. Maybe the Pagan community (and their allies) should contact the firm and tell them they’ll be buying their nice-smelling soaps and bubble-baths elsewhere this year. If they don’t want “devil-worshippers” on their “team”, then they certainly don’t want any of our filthy Pagan money! Perhaps Bath & Body Works should ask Sandra Scibelli where her priorities are. If you’d like to read the full complaint, click here.