Wicca is “Soft-Core Occultism”

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Thanks to a reader tip-off, I got to read a doozy of an article from a Christian newspaper in Philadelphia. This one has it all folks. Satanism, abortion, how abortion is Satanic worship, Harry Potter, Twilight, exorcisms, and how “soft-core” occultism leads to the “hard-core” Satanic stuff.

“I predict that in the next 10 years or so, we’ll see an explosion of occult activity,” said Fr. Euteneuer. “The number of soft-core occultism in the form of things like Harry Potter, Wicca and the New Age is on the increase. These are the gateways to the hardcore stuff. Ask any inner-city police department if they’re seeing evidence of Satanism. They’re organizing whole task forces to deal with crimes having to do with these things. As society becomes more faithless, this wickedness comes and fills the vacuum.”

Quick! Find an “inner-city” police department and ask if they have an occult crimes task force (just like in the comic books)! Do they know about the slippery-slope from Harry Potter/Twilight to Wicca to Satanic abortions? Is “soft-core” occultism when they only do the Great Rite symbolically, or is it “in true” but with flattering camera angles and gauzy filters? These are serious questions that need answers! I’m so glad Catholics finished removing all the planks from their own eyes, so they could spend time telling lies demonizing helping those lost in soft-core occultism with finding the specks in theirs.