Here We Go Again…

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Is there something in the water lately? It seems like there has been an odd spike in stories about violent crimes involving (sometimes tenuous) links to Pagans or the occult. Granted, the actual crimes were isolated incidents that took place years apart, hopefully negating (most) crackpot theories about Pagan religions and occult practices encouraging violence, but still, it’s odd. Having said all that, it’s time to add another story to the pile. We now have a very recent, and bizarre, case involving the murder of former police officer Paul Cadigan. The alleged killer is “a pure, 100 percent weirdo” who was a church-hopping Christian (she even recorded a Christian music CD) until deciding she was Wiccan.

[Dianne Parker] stands accused of murdering former Hingham police Lt. Paul Cadigan, 62, whose body was discovered by horseback riders Feb. 8 in a wooded area of St. Cloud, Fla. He had been shot multiple times and his body dismembered, the Brevard County Sheriff’s Department said.

Cadigan had hired Parker for her services as a massage therapist, and police believed they might have argued about payment shortly before the murder took place. The True Crime Report blog paints a picture of a woman who talked about peace and harmony, but also seemed to have some deep anger issues and a need for revenge.

“I committed nuclear fission on my perps! I envisioned them in the middle of a great nuclear explosion and I got to see every grizzly moment! Ahhh! That moment of satisfaction! … You too can demonstrate the way you’d like to get that perp. There are millions of ways of making them suffer and pay for their crimes!!! Have at it! Perhaps the Indians were right in just eliminating those who were harmful to the well being of the tribe!!”

Parker was obviously having some serious life problems just before the murder, which may have pushed her over the edge.

Facing foreclosure on her home, Dianne Parker had acquired a Honda SUV, moved in a mattress, some bedding and clothes, and was preparing to live in the vehicle, a neighbor said.

The media are eating this up, partially because Parker was so prevelant on the Internet, presaging a day when getting biographical background on criminals (and victims) will be a simple Google-search away. But I also think the transparency of the alleged killer in this case is also something of a boon for minority faiths and philosophies. Taken as a whole you can see the workings of a disordered and distrurbed mind. Instead of her being a “Wiccan” killer, we know that she was habitually dissatisfied and hopping from church-to-church in a search for meaning and solace. Her openness, while certainlly adding fodder for the sensationalist aspects of modern journalism, also shows how isolated and unaware of their own sickness these sort of killers are.