Update: University of Nebraska is Anti-Pagan?

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A new small piece of information has trickled out concerning the alleged discriminatory firing of a University of Nebraska employee for being a Witch. According to an AP article run by WNCT in North Carolina, the woman identifies as part of Reclaiming.

“The lawsuit, filed by a plaintiff identified as Jane Doe, states that she was hired in February 2007 and was satisfactory in her performance. But once her employer discovered she was a witch, the lawsuit says the “plaintiff was terminated from her position, and was replaced by a non-witch.“ The woman says in the lawsuit that she’s using a pseudonym to protect herself and her family from potential discrimination from the public or other employers. The lawsuit says, ‘Reclaiming Tradition of Witchcraft is her religion.'”

As I said in my initial post on this matter, this looks like a legit grievance. The Nebraska Equal Opportunity Commission has ruled that Ms Doe’s rights were violated, and I can’t imagine them backing her claims lightly. I’ll post more on this issue as it develops.