Quick Note: Pagans, Atheists, and Radicals

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Russian atheists are hopping mad about their government’s recent trend towards “clericalism”, and have formed a new coalition to address the problem.

“Administrators of several atheistic websites have established the RU.NET Atheist Council, the website of this newly established body has reported. The Council consists of five atheistic websites while representatives of the Circle of Pagan Tradition and political movement of Free Radicals promoting prostitution, pornography and euthanasia have joined it as observers. According to the Council statute, they have a right to participate in its work. Main objectives of the new structure are to coordinate work of all atheistic Internet sources and ‘fight against clericalism in all spheres of public and political life.'”

Is the enemy of your enemy truly your friend? I guess the Circle of Pagan Tradition will soon find out. While it may seem odd to see religious minorities teaming up with atheists in Russia, it comes in response to Russian Orthodox leaders working with political leaders to limit “freedom of conscience” rights in the country. Whether they have any success in halting the “special treatment” the Russian Orthodox Church receives remains to be seen.