Quick Note: Far Right British Pagans

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While some harbor the notion that Pagans are all leftist anarchists, modern Paganism is actually quite politically flexible, as a story about a BNP member-list leak proves.

“Police, teachers, paratroopers, guards, royal marines, district nurses, librarians and clergymen are among the 12,000 or so members of the British National Party whose details have been revealed in an internet blog by a disgruntled former employee of the party. And it is to the police that the BNP has turned to carry out a full investigation into the matter … The list, which included home addresses, telephone numbers, employment details and hobbies (including steam railways, line-dancing, paganism and witchcraft), has been removed from the original blog but is available on other websites.”

The reason the British National Party is so upset is that members of this whites-only, far-right political party are considered little better than Union Jack wearing fascists (a position held by both the mainstream right and left in England). In fact, they are so notoriously racist that police, prison workers, and other civil service staff aren’t allowed to be members. So for those worried about a leftist hegemony in modern Paganism, fear not! Anyone can be a Pagan, even psuedo-fascist morons.