Wicker Man the Rock Opera?

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After the dreadful abomination that was the 2006 remake of “The Wicker Man” are we really ready for another treatment of this pagan musical cult-classic? Foul Play SF and The Dark Room certainly hope so as they unleash “The Wicker Man: A Rock Opera About the Ultimate Sacrifice”.

Photo by Geof Teague.

“October 2008, something wicker this way comes! We’re presenting a Foul Play, the Wicker Man: a Rock Opera About the Ultimate Sacrifice, a musical thriller, and burning sensation just in time for Halloween from the team that brought you Attack of the Killer B-Movies.”

In addition to changing the genre from folk to rock, the site refers to a new “original music score” from Jim Fourniadis with back-up from “Rock / Metal / Comedy” group Live Evil. Does this mean they are scrapping the old songs from the classic soundtrack? Will this new version be mocking camp or loving homage? The synopsis doesn’t provide many clues.

“April showers bring the sanctimonious Sergeant Howie a mysterious letter concerning a missing girl from Summerisle, the tiny pagan island commune renowned for its bountiful produce and unabashed holy day rituals. His investigation of the restless natives proves as fruitless as last year’s crops, though; and the bizarre inhabitants only serve to add fuel to the flames of his righteous indignation. Driven to save the girl’s immortal soul from this den of idolaters, he discovers the truth behind the girl’s disappearance—that come May Day, the villagers intend to sacrifice her to their gods of the field to ensure a successful harvest. Howie must infiltrate their festivities, find the girl and escape—but will his plan put him out of the frying pan and into the fire?”

Whether tribute or take-down, I suppose that fans of the original film and soundtrack will have to risk it and go find out for themselves. The play runs from October 2nd to the 25th. If you live in or around the San Francisco area, or are planning to visit in October, you can purchase tickets online now.

Thanks to Qibitum for passing this along to me.