Starhawk on Sarah Palin’s God

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Starhawk has jumped into the Sarah Palin fray over at her On Faith blog:

“Whenever I hear someone say, “God is on my side,” I think, “Yep! Just another argument for polytheism.” Because, hey, Sarah Palin’s God may want her to build the pipeline, but I’ve had personal communication from Thundering Herds of Reindeer Gods that say, “No way!” Ereshkigal the Goddess of the Mesopotamian underworld is raging mad at the number of innocent children’s souls she’s had to process since the U.S. started bombing Iraq–she doesn’t like that sort of thing. And the great, protective Earth Spirits who sleep in the bottom of oil reserves are roaring in my ear, “Disturb us at your peril!” You think I’m kidding, perhaps. Think again.”

Starhawk goes on to say the she has no problem with “weird and irrational religious beliefs”, but fears that Palin wont uphold the Constitution or respect America’s religious diversity. Meanwhile, in the comments, Athena lets us in on some ongoing Pagan spellwork.

“It may interest you that several Pagans from around the country are going to work with the spirits of Wolf, Bear, and Moose to cut through the lies and negativity about the campaign, and let the truth come forth. Since Gov. Palin allowed hunting of wolves and bears from helicopters, as well as hunts moose, we thought that it would be appropriate to call on these Power Animals for healing and truth-telling.”

Are these spells already working? Here are some recent Palin-related stories: Sarah Palin’s record on Alaska Native and Tribal issues (more), religion professor Anthea Butler says that Palin’s “[spiritual] warrior spirit is the reason why her candidacy excites the conservative base…”, Esther Kaplan gives you a Palin pastor primer, and Dan Kennedy wonders how “exotic” Palin’s personal theology truly is.

Truly the “Queen of Heaven” works in mysterious ways.