Breaking: Pagan Cluster Protester Repeatedly Tasered

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Word has reached us here that three members of the Pagan Cluster were arrested at the RNC protests yesterday, and one, Jason (aka Scarecrow), was repeatedly tasered and mobbed by police despite not resisting arrest.

Pagan Cluster member being tasered.

“Jason (Scarecrow) has been extensively tasered & is being denied medical attention. Jason & Ryanna were both snatched from the pagan cluster at the beginning of the Poor People’s March. PLEASE immediately try to connect with Jason — for tasers, we need to ground out that electricity and move it away — electricity is a form of energy, and we CAN ground this down into the core & move it out of him. Please, you witches know what to do; now let’s connect with Jason and help him move this energy. Riyanna needs your loving magic too, and we’re working on getting them both out NOW. Starhawk is in the streets with the Pagan Cluster, and we are safely back at the space.”

The entire incident has been caught on video and is posted on the KARE 11 web site (warning: this video may not be appropriate for my more sensitive readers). In it, you can count him being tasered at least four times, and that is only what we can see on the video. No doubt the Pagan Cluster is already working to get him out, but I’m sure that prayers and spells of healing and protection would be appreciated.

ADDENDUM: Jason Johnson (aka Scarecrow) is out of prison and has posted his side of the story:

“I was arrested in a peaceful and permitted assembly on Tuesday at the rnc. I was shocked, beaten and terribly hurt before being held for 40 hours in prison with only minutes outside of my cell. with the nature of the atrocity against me, I am writing to request help with building a case against the state.”

He is looking for additional footage of his arrest in order to build a legal case. If you have access to such footage, you can find his contact information at the link above. According to a separate update, he was tasered with four handheld & three protrusion guns, and suffered multiple lacerations to his head, face, and torso.