Empirical Evidence of Demons

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Publishers Weekly interviews pop-occult superstar Grant Morrison, author of “The Invisibles”, “Vimanarama”, and “WE3”, about his work, interest in Hinduism, and the practice of magic.

Grant Morrison

“Comics specifically seem to be quite magical to me—in the sense that they are directly drawn onto paper. They relate back to the very first drawings that people did on cave walls, and people believe now that those things were meant to be magical, that by drawing and creating a model of the bison, you could affect what happened to the real bison. Your hunt would be more successful the next day. So the idea of drawing and creating representations is the very first notion that we had of magic, that you could make an image of something and affect the image and, in turn, affect the reality of the thing. Like sympathetic magic, when you make, for instance, a little doll of someone and then stab it, they will experience something. So that idea of representation, I think, is the first magical idea, and comics is still very close to that.”

Morrison also discusses his experience with summoning a demon, making sense of an alien abduction experience, and how we are all one giant organism.

“So if you take this whole thing back three million years, there’s only one entity on the planet, right? And we’re all part of it, like a hand has fingers. Except this hand is multifractal; it’s got deer over here and humans over here, and each one does a different thing. Dogs smell the world better, so they work as the sensory organ for smell. Humans think and think in patterns, so we’re that part of the organism that makes patterns. And it winks at itself and identifies itself, all this one thing on the planet…”

Currently, Grant Morrison is writing “Batman” and the DC Comics mega-crossover “Final Crisis”, in addition to developing an animated web comic for Virgin Comics called “MBX” (based on the Sanskrit epic Mahabharata).