Cora Anderson 1915 – 2008

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Cora Anderson, a co-founder with Victor Anderson of what is now known of as the Feri Tradition, passed on this morning at the age of 93. Cora Anderson was known as a Grand Master of the Feri Faith, a prolific writer, and was a key influence in the lives of several prominent Pagans and Witches.

Cora Anderson, matriarch of the Feri tradition.

“In Initiation, you literally marry the Goddess, her dual consort and the Gods, whether you are male or female… Always remember that the person you love as life companion or in passing is your son, brother and lover, and should be treated with love and respect as yourself and other half.”Cora Anderson, “Fifty Years in the Feri Tradition”

Among her students were groundbreaking Pagan musician Gwydion Pendderwen, activist and Reclaiming co-founder Starhawk, author, artist, and teacher T. Thorn Coyle, and current Feri Grand Master Anaar, among many others.

“It is Walpurgisnacht and my teacher is dying. There is a bale fire in my heart. We sing. We chant. We sit. We breathe. Every fire needs fuel. Every student needs a lesson. Her skin is translucent. There is blood in the corners of her mouth. Her eyes are clouded, barely open. She struggles to speak. “I love you,” she says. “I love all of you.” … “I am going in and out,” she says. We see her. Victor is there too, at the foot of her bed … God Herself fills space and time. Fills the room. Including everything, we fall away.”T. Thorn Coyle, excerpt from “Bale Fire Need Fire Heart Fire (Cora)”

Her body will lie in state for 3 days, the Feri community asks that mourners and well-wishers burn a candle during this transition time for her. My blessings go out the Feri community and Cora’s spirit. May she be reunited with Victor and be embraced by her gods.