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Alan Miller (aka Dr Christopher Hyatt) 1943 – 2008

Author, occultist, and founder of the The Extreme Individual Institute. Alan Miller was well-known in metaphysical circles as a former student of famed occultist Israel Regardie, and a member of the Ordo Templi Orientis, and the Thelemic Order of the Golden Dawn. In addition to his occult pursuits, Miller was a practicing psychotherapist for many years. Miller passed away on February 9th, after a long struggle with cancer. You can read full obituaries at Lashatal, and at Dr. Hyatt’s web site..

Susan Grace Falkenrath (aka Susan Wolf) 1954 – 2008

A longtime member and teacher within the Reclaiming community, Susan Falkenrath is perhaps best known as a writer and singer of songs. Her best known work within the Pagan community is the haunting lament entitled “Spirits”, about a woman being consigned to the stake, which appeared on the “Best of Pagan Song” compilation from Serpentine Music. Falkenrath passed on January 12th from breast cancer. You can read moving tributes to Susan Falkenrath from Anne Hill, and M. Macha NightMare.

Brenda Henson (pictured on the right) 2008

Longtime feminist and GLBT-rights activist, Brenda Henson was a champion of equality and human rights. She, along with her partner of 24 years Wanda Henson, founded Camp Sister Spirit in 1991. Their subsequent battle against harassment and discrimination made national news, and prompted the direct involvement of the Clinton administration into the matter. In addition to hosting gatherings and classes aimed at women and lesbians, Camp Sister Spirit has also hosted numerous Pagan gatherings, and has become a pillar of support for the Pagan community in Mississippi. Henson passed away on February 8th due to complications from liver cancer. You can read a short obituary, here.

May they all rest in the arms of the Goddess.

Jason Pitzl-Waters