WorldNetDaily and The Witches

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Here I go again, breaking my unwritten rule to not blog about anything that loony-fringe “news” site WorldNetDaily has to say about Witches. But sometimes they try so hard to get our attention that you can’t help but say something in response. To wit, their “special” issue of Whistleblower Magazine focusing solely on Witchcraft and the dangers of the occult.

“The real thing – that is, the stunning phenomenon of more and more American housewives, students, professors, and even soldiers self-identifying as “witches” – is the topic of the January edition of WND’s elite monthly Whistleblower magazine … Wicca is intentionally shrouded in mystery, said David Kupelian, managing editor of WorldNetDaily and Whistleblower. ‘But in the news business we prefer sunshine to moonlight, believing it makes a much better disinfectant. This issue of Whistleblower shines a very bright light on New Age, neo-pagan and occult beliefs and practices, and in a way that I believe will generate a lot of ‘aha!’ experiences in our readers.'”

Only the best clip-art for their hard-hitting expose’.

Yes, Wicca is “intentionally shrouded in mystery”, which is why there are hundreds (if not thousands) of books published on the subject that you can find in any mainstream bookstore. Lest anyone start to think this might be a “fair and balanced” view of modern Pagans, the very first article is entitled “The great deception has begun” (where Witches are portrayed as “part of a rebellion against Him and His laws”). They have an “an in-depth and shocking” look at Pagans in the military, and more articles that provide a “mind-boggling” (you can say that again) investigation into this “stunning phenomenon”. These “journalists” are answering the tough questions about Witchcraft!

“…can witches be good? Can they really cast spells that somehow call forth the spirits beyond the world of nature to help them accomplish their will – whether good or evil? Is magic real? Why do witches often perform their ceremonies naked?”

So if you miss the days when Wicca was looked at with fear and suspicion, take a trip back to the “golden years” with the lunatic fringe. Where the Cold War still rages, Christianity has a vise-grip on morality, and religious minorities (not to mention sexual and racial minorities) knew to keep their heads down. I salute the “brave” staff of Whistleblower for exposing this shocking religious movement before is spread across the world, gained legal recognition, and entered the mainstream.

ADDENDUM: An angry Wiccan priest writes a letter to WND.

“Wicca is not such as you have presented. Rather, the religion more closely associated with the mountain of perversity, bigotry, hatred, child molestation by ministers and priests, sexual abuse by the same priests and ministers, and numerous other perversities mentioned daily in news sources across the nation is none other than “Christianity” itself!”

They made it their “letter of the week”.