Tucker the Theologian

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That lighthouse of religious tolerance Tucker Carlson, conservative pundit and host of “Tucker” on MSNBC, has shared his theological views on modern Pagans once again. This time he has described the religion of Wiccan lottery winner Ellwood “Bunky” Bartlett as “Satanic”.

“You’re saying basically the U.S. government is subsidizing some kind of devil worshiper, Satanism … That’s perfect.”

For those with long memories, you may recall that Tucker’s disdain for Wicca is nothing new. Back in 2005 he had Christian author Catherine Sanders on to discuss her book “Wicca’s Charm”.

“According to a 1986 ruling by the U.S. Court of Appeals, they are in the eyes of the First Amendment anyway practicing a real religion … it [Wicca] sounds kind of – sounds kind of flaky to me … Doesn’t sound like there’s a lot of charm there…”

So we can say with some certainty that Tucker doesn’t like Wicca much. But should we care what a second-string political commentator thinks about our faith? Angry letters will only fuel him to find more ways to mock modern Pagans, and are unlikely to change his mind on the subject. The only way we can really fight two-bit theologians of Tucker’s stripe is to make his ramblings as culturally irrelevant as a crazy corner brimstone preacher.

A first step is to continue supporting and building our own media and journalistic outlets. Pagan magazines, blogs, radio, and podcasts are a big part of that. By maturing and nurturing our own voice, we can help shape the discussion of our faiths, instead of leaving the commentary to guys who were upstaged by John Stewart.