Monsters in the Gallery

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The Philadelphia City Paper reports on a new art exhibit opening this evening at the AxD Gallery. The show, “Monsters from Under the Bed”, explores some monstrous visions from a group of talented fine artists and illustrators.

“Witches, wolfmen and zombies don’t always have to be scary. As shown by the artists behind AxD Gallery’s “Monsters From Under the Bed” exhibit, they can be whimsical, gender-bending creatures that inspire more enchanting daydreams than bed-wetting nightmares. The September show features works by Manhattanite Michael Broderick and Philly natives Mike Manley, Kimberlee Traub and Tom Whalen.”

“Mother Nature” by Kimberlee Traub

Of special note for my audience is the work of Kimberlee Traub, whose black and white illustrations often deal with Pagan and mythological themes. You can explore some of her Pagan-themed artwork, here. The Philadelphia City Paper calls Traub’s work “the most fanciful of the bunch”. So if you are in the Philly area tonight (or through the end of September), be sure to stop by.