Beliefnet’s Balance

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So lets say you run the biggest religion and spirituality web site on the Internet, and you decide to run a cover-story on a Wiccan who just won the lottery. What supplementary articles do you pick to run with the Associate Press story?

What Neo-Pagans believe, and a collection of Pagan prayers? Sounds good, but how about we balance that out with an anti-polytheism article by conservative Jewish “intelligent design” proponent David Kinghoffer?

“…idolatry, polytheism, and witchcraft are really just three manifestations of the same error – to which, interestingly, Hebrew gives no name. They share the mistaken assumption that divinity can be broken down into discrete entities (gods) and manipulated for our benefit. By contrast, the God of the Bible, a purely spiritual being, must be the ultimate unity and perfectly free to act as He sees fit, unaffected by our attempted manipulations or any other circumstances.”

Before you think I’m about to lay into Beliefnet again, let me just say that I applaud B-Net’s move to balance things out like this. I look forward to articles on why monotheism runs counter to our natural religious impulses by Jordan Paper, or perhaps an essay on the superiority of polytheism by John Michael Greer to “balance” out the next front-page story about something good happening to a Christian or Jew. I mean, fair is fair right? I’m sure B-Net won’t let us down. But you might want to remind them to stay consistent, just in case they forget.