Pagan-Friendly Films

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Time for a quick look at upcoming films that may appeal to a Pagan/occult audience.

Those of us who are fans of “The Wicker Man” (the original of course, not that abomination starring Nicolas Cage) should be pleased to learn that Robin Hardy (who directed the original film) is planning to start filming “Cowboys For Christ” (a sort-of sequel/re-imagining of “The Wicker Man”) in September.

“That long-awaited “Wicker Man” re-imagining – same story, different backdrop – is finally (this thing has been a long time coming) about to get underway. “Cowboys for Christ”, from writer/director Robin Hardy (the chap that brought us the original “Wicker Man” – not the mind numbing remake), has set itself a September 10 start date. Its booked locales in Scotland and Texas to shoot. Starring Christopher Lee and Faye Dunaway, the film tells of a Christian singing star and her chaste fiance, a Texas cowboy, who travel to Scotland for a music festival that is merely the curtain-raiser for a horrific pagan ritual of sacrifice and murder, and it’s uncertain if the power of the Americans’ Christian faith will be strong enough to survive the assault of the pagans.”

They are still looking to cast the leads (the Christian couple), so if you can sing very well, know how to ride a horse, and can convincingly fake a Texas accent, why not audition?

The film “Stardust” (adapted from a novel by Neil Gaiman) is opening in theatres on August 10th. Considering a good part of the story is set in the lands of Faerie, and with Michelle Pfeiffer playing the evil witch Lamia this is sure to be a treat! Plus the trailer looks quite fun.

No word yet if Tori Amos will be the voice of a red-leafed talking tree that Gaiman based on the singer-songwriters.

In October you have the film adaptation of the beloved (and pagan-friendly) young-adults novel “The Dark Is Rising”, but as mentioned previously on this blog, there are some serious fears that the movie has been “sanitized” of all the great pagan content. Some fans of the books are not happy at all with the announced changes.

“I am spitting chips and blood. I am crackling with furious static. Any minute now, small pieces of paper, coins and pens are going to drag themselves across the tabletop, bent and pulled towards me by the immense, bending-the-laws-of-physics fury I’m experiencing right now.”

I guess we can only wait to see how much damage has been done to this classic.

Also of interest is the November release of “Beowulf”. With a screenplay partially written by Neil Gaiman and directed by Robert Zemeckis, this film adaptation of the ancient English epic mixes live action with heavy computer animation to give it a unique look/feel. You can watch a teaser trailer for the film, here. I have no idea how “pagan” this adaptation will be (unlike the recent “Beowulf and Grendel” which was chock-full of pre-Christian elements), but the cast is certainly an interesting mix.

Finally, in December we will see the film adaptation of Philip Pullman’s novel “The Golden Compass”, part of his highly acclaimed “His Dark Materials” trilogy.

Due to the Gnostic themes within the novels, some have labeled it the “anti-Narnia”. But fans have been worrying for some time now over the removal of religious themes to be replaced with a anti-fascist/control storyline. But the trailer itself looks exciting, plus, witches!

That is all I have for now, see you at the movies!