Update on Pagan Politician Story

Jason Pitzl-Waters —  July 12, 2007 — 2 Comments

During the end of last month I reported on a Democratic Party official who was singled out and attacked for her faith. Rita Moran, who is the Chair of the Kennebec County Democratic Committee in Maine, found herself “outed” on the web site of a hostile Maine Christian organization called the Maine Christian Civil League. Moran, while shaken by the groups attempts to derail her political career, was more worried about how her outing would affect the local party.

“My primary concerns are financial. When this happened, I “zeroed out” the donation total on our county Dems website. There has not been a single donation since I’ve been “outed”. I’m even more concerned about the loss of business here at our bookshop as Michael Hein’s attack turns to even more vicious rumors. I guess what I’d ask from the community is whatever support they can offer. Tranquil energy, book orders, donations to our county committee if you wish to recognize that aspect of my community service. Thanks all…”

Luckily, Pagans and decent people on the Internet and in Maine rallied behind Moran, and over $600 dollars was raised for the local Democratic Party to send a message that these anti-American scare tactics wouldn’t work here. But it seems that the Christian Civil League didn’t get the message, and they are now attacking Moran’s vice-chair Edward Lachowicz who also identifies as a Pagan.

“An email posted publicly recently on a pagan website from another Kennebec County (ME) Democrat Pagan official. Accompanying the email text are images recently obtained by the League of the Immanent Grove Gnostic pagan Shrine to Hecate located at 2328 Bog Road in Sidney, Maine. This is where the Kennebec County Democrat Committee Chair, Rita Moran, and other Central Maine pagans worship the Greek goddess of witchcraft and magic.”

In an effort to intimidate Lachowicz and Moran, and to possibly invite vandalism, they include several photos from Moran’s private property on the page. Not surprisingly, this escalation in scare tactics has unsettled Lachowicz.

“Pictures have been posted on the RECORD of various objects on Rita’s property. Which means, of course, that Christian Civic League members have been snooping around on her property and taking photographs. Coming from a group which gets the support of the Minutemen in their (now deleted) blog comments, that can be slightly unsettling.”

Lachowicz is calling once again for donations to offset the effects of this latest smear campaign. Though I think things may be escalating to a point where law enforcement and lawyers are needed before a Pagan shrine is defaced or threats of violence start appearing. Cases like this represent only the beginning of a long struggle for equal treatment for Pagans who wish to insert themselves into our political system.

Jason Pitzl-Waters