More “Reality” Pagans

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Ah reality television, that fly trap for those who think they should be famous but lack any appreciable skill for achieving those goals on their own. This insatiable Warholian industry thrives on dysfunctional and driven personalities who lack the self-awareness that they are merely fodder for an increasingly indifferent viewing audience. Sadly, our faith community has been hard-hit by this faux-reality spectacle, and many are the appearances of these often ill-prepared spokespeople for our faiths. So it should surprise no one when I tell you that yet another Pagan has entered the fray.

David from the British version of the “Big Brother” show.

“The Big Brother [UK] housemates have spent time with ‘halfway housemate’ David, as they get to know the five new arrivals. The 25-year-old Scot – who claims to be a witchcraft-practising pagan – was given a rapturous welcome by the current housemates – with Liam recognising him from the audition he had attended. “Is there any alcohol?” he asked before settling down with the housemates for a drink and a chat … he told the others that he predicted through pagan rituals that he would be joining the housemates on Big Brother.”

I think the whimsical eye-makeup and leopard-print scarf is a nice touch don’t you think? Gives an air of the “exotic” to modern Paganism. This isn’t the first time that the British reality program Big Brother has put a Pagan into the mix, but she didn’t last long. So it remains to be seen if David’s powers of prediction will hold true and he’ll join the main household for more than just a visit. This latest Pagan appearance all feeds into my theory that Pagans and Witches (especially Witches) have become just another stock character for those casting reality television. Which I suppose could mean that we have truly entered the mass-consciousness (and therefore the “mainstream”) of modern culture.

For some better news (at least in my opinion) concerning television and paganism, they have finally released a complete DVD set of the classic 70s television show “Isis”.

“The live-action show, created as a glamorous complement to hunky Captain Marvel on “Shazam!,” featured gorgeous JoAnna Cameron as Andrea Thomas, a high school science teacher who went on an Egyptian archaeological dig and discovered an ancient amulet — which she kept, of course, like any good tourist — that gave her incredible mystical powers courtesy of the goddess Isis.”

Here is a refresher on YouTube in case you may have forgotten (or were too young to see it when it was on television). Look at all that majesty!