Everyday Mojo

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The Digital Journalist has a wonderful essay up by producer and director Jim Gabour on the culture of Voodoo in New Orleans, and how a simple wedding gift of “mojo” made his neighbors see him in a new light.

“Seems two old friends in L.A. are getting married, and I want to send them something as a gift – they’ve both been very generous to me with their friendship and their unselfish introduction of a Looziana boy into the West Coast media community over the years. So I want to send an only-from-New-Orleans-and-only-from-me gift to celebrate their union. After much rumination I decide I will go to my favorite voodoo shop (the XXX Botanica is literally the Wal-Mart of voodoo paraphernalia) and put together a packet of lucky charms. Surely a New Orleans sort of thing, that. The XXX is out in a bad part of the Faubourg St. John area, and a bit of a drive, but I figure that the effort will make it more of a heartfelt gift.”

I won’t reveal the story here, but it’s worth the read for a no-nonsense look into the culture of hoodoo and Voodoo in present-day New Orleans. For more of Gabour’s writings, check out the Open Democracy site.