Sacrificing The Frosts

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AJ Drew, a Wiccan author and founder of the online community Pagan Nation, is planning on holding a “human sacrifice” of Gavin and Yvonne Frost (founders of the Church and School of Wicca) in effigy at this year’s International Real Witches Ball.

The Frosts with hypothetical depiction of effigies.

“On October 27, 2007 at Midnight I will be conducting a ritual entitled A Sacrifice to Caring in which I will sacrifice Gavin and Yvonne Frost in effigy. In this rite, I will introduce the Familial Heathen path / Familial Heathenry to the public. The event will take place during The International Real Witches Ball. My wife and I believe that due to the tremendous number of pacifists in the modern pagan community, such an action will probably lower attendance tremendously. However, we feel the statement must be made and despite being advised to the contrary, we are moving ahead with our plans. We believe that being parents and sending an absolutely clear message Gavin and Yvonne Frost and their ilk will not be welcome in at least our small portion of the community is more important than numbers. However, if you agree we urge you to join us in this struggle to change the modern pagan community.”

This hostility towards the Frosts stems from a chapter of their book “Good Witch’s Bible” (which has been in and out of print since the 70s) in which the methods for ritually deflowering pubescent boys and girls is described.

“It is hoped by Wicca that the first full sexual experience will take place in the plesant[SIC] surroundings of the coven and that the spiritual as well as the physical aspects of the experience will lead the child to a complete life.”

This passage, and others like it (including directions on creating wooden phalli) has lead Drew on a quest to have the Frosts ostracized from the larger Pagan/Wiccan community. This lead him into conflict with Craft elder Raymond Buckland (since patched up) due to his past endorsement of the Frosts, and an open disdain for anyone in the Pagan community who has worked with them (and hasn’t recanted of doing so). Drew also believes that the chapter isn’t hypothetical/imagined and that the Frost’s organization is actively engaged in child molestation and abuse, but that abuse claims were ignored due to the “Satanic Panic” backlash.

“It is my opinion that there have been numerous victims of the Church and School of Wicca. That due to the enormous emotional strain such events have placed on these individuals, many of them have found themselves in the “Satanic Panic Industry” and have been overlooked due to their outrageous claims.”

One wonders where this will go next, Drew insists that a civil suit against the Frosts for the promotion of child molestation would hold up, so is legal action coming soon? Will the wider Pagan community take a stand against the Frosts as anger and outrage builds? The building and destroying of effigies (that symbolize real people) at a Pagan event is certainly a new twist, will others be inspired by this and allow for public “sacrifices” of those they believe to be anathema? It should be interesting to see where this course of action leads.

NOTE: This blog repudiates any endorsement of child abuse or molestation. I certainly don’t endorse the Frost’s “initiation” methods in any sense of the term. Having said that, I feel I should point out that there has been no physical proof that the Frosts have actually engaged in (or supervised) any of the practices they have written about (though it is the opinion of some that they have).