Equal Time For Nutjobs

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In Drew Curtis’ new book “It’s Not News, It’s Fark”, he outlines the many ways the mass media passes off crap for news. One category of faux-news he outlines is “equal time for nutjobs”, in which wildly unscientific views or conspiracy theories infiltrate articles in the name of journalistic “balance”. A good example of this trend in action is that famous anti-Harry Potter nutjob Laura Mallory (who now lists herself as an “ordained minister”).

Mallory’s quest has morphed from a quirky culture-wars Harry Potter story for reporters having a slow news day, into having her rantings printed by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

“The mass media today knows all too well that “sorcery sells,” and the market is none other than …? You guessed it – our children. Just take a look at the flood of occult books, movies, television shows, video games, and there’s no denying it. Many children and teens today, fascinated with Harry Potter, are seeking Harry’s power … There is an anti-Christian world-view agenda today in our schools and government, and Harry Potter clearly undermines a Biblical world view, replacing it with a Pagan world view. To put it simply, that’s not fair, and it’s time to say so.”

When did religiously-motivated insanity and a perfect losing streak in the courts translate into decent qualifications for getting an editorial printed in a large mainstream newspaper? This sort of thing should have been consigned to WorldNetDaily, instead of foisting these incoherent conspiratorial ravings about the Bible and Harry Potter on the people of Georgia.

“… witchcraft is being promoted in our classrooms … Witchcraft has been around for thousands of years and is an abomination – detestable, vile and abhorred – to God … God warns us of it for our own good.”

Is this supposed to be “balance” for all of the critical articles and editorials the mainstream media has run about Mallory? Can we hope that she has finally exhausted her 15 minutes of infamy? I suppose if her campaign loses steam should could always switch to protesting Summer blockbuster films, as suggested by a local editorial.

“I do think, however, that Mallory’s energies could be better spent ridding the world of other, even more insidious evils. Everyone knows kids these days are far more likely to go to a movie than read a book. When will Mallory and her posse mobilize to save us from the detrimental effects of summer blockbusters?”

I think this nutjob has has enough “equal time” now.